Learn how to manage big, distributed and highly loaded Zabbix installations for large companies. This Certified Professional course aims to give you all the knowledge you’ll need to work with Zabbix professionally and thus this course is great for:

  • IT Architects
  • IT Engineers
  • Infrastructure and cloud engineers

Our trainers are highly qualified to make sure you get the right personal attention in training.
We provide official Zabbix training, which means you’ll be officially Zabbix certified after finishing our training.

Our services are provided worldwide, either online or in-house.

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The 3 days Zabbix Certified Professional course provides information technology professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to configure and use Zabbix proxy and distributed monitoring for your network and application monitoring needs. We also discuss a variety of advanced Zabbix topics.

This  training  program  is  intended  for  IT  administrators  and  auditors,   system  integrators,  and  other  personnel  that  deals  with  IT  infrastructure   monitoring.  No  prior  knowledge  of  Zabbix  Software  is  required,  but   all  trainees  should  have  advanced  computer  literacy  and  knowledge   of  Linux  OS.


Before attending the Professional course, it is mandatory to attended (and passed!) Zabbix Certified Specialist course and taking some time to get familiar/ comfortable.

The course will include an official Zabbix exam to obtain the “Zabbix Certified Professional” certificate.

We provide hosted trainings on scheduled dates, online training and also in-house training. If you are interested in, in-house training please contact us.



“Getting Zabbix certified training by Brian was a great way to get to know more about Zabbix. The training was executed professionally and even a lot of fun to attend.”



Day 1

  • Intro: Zabbix requirements
  • Intro: Zabbix main components
  • Intro: Communication between Zabbix components
  • Intro: Data collection
  • Intro: Zabbix internal workflow
  • Zabbix frontend: Nginx setup
  • Zabbix frontend: Nginx tuning
  • Zabbix frontend: Nginx monitoring
  • Zabbix frontend: HTTPS setup
  • Zabbix frontend: Practical task
  • Zabbix agent 2: Overview
  • Zabbix agent 2: Buffers
  • Zabbix agent 2: Main components
  • Zabbix agent 2: Installation
  • Zabbix agent 2: Command-line options
  • Zabbix agent 2: Plugin configuration
  • Zabbix agent 2: Named sessions
  • Zabbix agent 2: Specific keys
  • Zabbix agent 2: Practical task
  • Zabbix agent: Remote commands
  • Zabbix agent: Key restriction patterns
  • Zabbix agent: Key restriction rule order
  • Zabbix agent: Key restriction notes
  • Zabbix agent: Practical task
  • Encryption: Overview
  • Encryption: Zabbix options
  • Encryption: TLS Accept / Connect
  • Encryption: Using Certificates
  • Encryption: Using pre-shared keys
  • Encryption: Notes
  • Encryption: Practical task
  • Autoregistration: Overview
  • Autoregistration: HostMetadata
  • Autoregistration: HostInterface
  • Autoregistration: Actions
  • Autoregistration: Passive checks
  • Autoregistration: Encryption
  • Autoregistration: Practical task
  • Network discovery: Overview
  • Network discovery: Host/service events
  • Network discovery: Uptime/Downtime
  • Network discovery: Actions
  • Network discovery: Notes
  • Network discovery: Practical task
  • Database monitoring: ODBC overview
  • Database monitoring: Configuration
  • Database monitoring: DSN and connection string
  • Database monitoring: Practical task

Day 2

  • Preprocessing: Overview
  • Preprocessing: Internal workflow
  • Preprocessing: XML path
  • Preprocessing: JSON path
  • Preprocessing: CSV to JSON
  • Low-level discovery: Introduction
  • Low-level discovery: LLD rule properties
  • Low-level discovery: LLD macros
  • Low-level discovery: Item prototypes
  • Low-level discovery: Practical task
  • Low-level discovery: Graph prototypes
  • Low-level discovery: Trigger prototypes
  • Low-level discovery: Context support in user macros
  • Low-level discovery: Practical task
  • Low-level discovery: LLD of system services
  • Low-level discovery: LLD on Windows
  • Low-level discovery: LLD overrides
  • Low-level discovery: Practical task
  • Low-level discovery: LLD internal workflow
  • Low-level discovery: LLD using dependent items
  • Low-level discovery: LLD and throttling
  • Low-level discovery: Practical task
  • Low-level discovery: LLD of filesystems
  • Low-level discovery: Practical task
  • Low-level discovery: LLD using SQL
  • Low-level discovery: Practical task
  • Low-level discovery: LLD of SNMP OIDs
  • SNMP monitoring: Dynamic indexes

Day 3

  • VMware monitoring: Overview
  • VMware monitoring: Built-in templates
  • Low-level discovery: Host prototypes
  • VMware monitoring: Configuration
  • VMware monitoring: Notes
  • JMX monitoring: Overview
  • JMX monitoring: Zabbix Java gateway
  • JMX monitoring: Zabbix server configuration
  • JMX monitoring: Java application configuration
  • JMX monitoring: Practical task
  • Low-level discovery: LLD via JMX
  • Predictive trigger functions: Overview
  • Predictive trigger functions: Forecast
  • Predictive trigger functions: Timeleft
  • Predictive trigger functions: Notes
  • Predictive trigger functions: Practical task
  • Advanced trigger functions: Count
  • Advanced trigger functions: Percentile
  • Event correlation: Overview
  • Event correlation: Trigger-based correlation
  • Event correlation: Global correlation
  • Zabbix proxies: Overview
  • Zabbix proxies: Active/passive proxies
  • Zabbix proxies: Configuration
  • Zabbix proxies: Health monitoring
  • Zabbix proxies: Runtime commands
  • Zabbix proxies: Throttling
  • Zabbix proxies: Practical task
  • Docker images: Overview
  • Docker images: Deploying Zabbix proxy
  • Real-time data export: Overview
  • Real-time data export: Practical task
  • Zabbix internals: Caches
  • Zabbix internals: Internal processes
  • Zabbix internals: Data collectors
  • Zabbix internals: Practical task
  • Zabbix performance: New values per second
  • Zabbix performance: Bottlenecks
  • Zabbix performance: Database tuning (MySQL) & partitioning
  • Zabbix performance: Recommendations
  • Zabbix releases: Zabbix release policy
  • Zabbix releases: Zabbix upgrade
  • Discussions: Q&A session
  • Course attendance certificate
  • Zabbix 6.0 Certified Professional Exam
  • Zabbix 6.0 Certified Professional Certificate